Snow in Summer

So i have a huge desire to dance in snow, to paint my hair with fairy floss and sing out of tune and this shoot was the result of Elisa Janes and my heads knocking together in a frenzied madness. I love tea parties, raw cupcakes and vintage inspired clutter and Elisa loves clean lines, black and white images, simplicity and dramatic lighting……..WELL, look what we made Mum. Together this is what we came up with and as a team, well let me just tell you i am looking for an occasion to wear Jaimie Sortino’s dresses and i simply adore Chloe Sargeant’s face!

We actually shot this in an industrial sized fruiterers  fridge……it was cold and Chloe was an absolute darling of a trooper, Nick Lawrence the go to film man and snow maker managed to shoot himself in the never regions with the snow machine and like magic he had fluffy pants. He kind of looked like my mums pavlova……and for a second we forgot it was cold and that we were wearing orange snow coats…

It was late and i had to be bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5am to put make up on a bride….so at one we called it a night. Twas magic though and everyone deserves to live out their wildest dreams like that even if there is a little foam and suffering involved……

2 Responses to “Snow in Summer”
  1. Hazel says:

    I sincerely wish you could do my make-up someday. =)

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